Sunday, 28 June 2015

Monday: 29 June 2015


Term 3 Timetable

Changes to our timetable:
Chemistry Teacher - Ms Rachel Yau, Mr Leonard Ngoei
English Teacher - Mr Perdana Pan, Mr Karlson Goh
S&W Lessons will take place on the second period on Mondays and Fridays.

Important Information to Take Note:
1. If you have been to countries and regions affected by MERS such as South Korea and the Middle East, you are advised to inform the doctor of the areas that they have travelled to as soon as possible. Students who are unwell within 2 weeks from their travel to a MERS-CoV affected area should see a doctor, and refrain from coming back to school until he/she is recovered.

Note from School:
To ensure the well-being of all our students, we would like to seek your help to inform us if you have travelled to South Korea or to the Middle East during the June vacation. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the information using this link Student Travel Declaration (Jun 2015).

2. Shave your hair (places where overgrown hair is present, eg. beards) if you need to.

3. Friday's Assembly (3/7/2015) will be in the MPH, 'Celebrating Youths - A Talent Showcase'.

4. Update your personal information in your SDM account, Student Data Management. Sign and acknowledge that you have verified the information and return the consent form to Ms. Lim by 3 July 2015 (Friday).

5. You are reminded to bring your thermometers for temperature taking exercise on Thursday, 2 July 2015.

Please be reminded that Math AA2 is due 3 July 2015, 2359 hours. Submit to Ms Lim via soft copy (email/google drive).

Please be reminded that your script for Chinese AA should be finalised by tonight, 2359 hours.
Submit your chinese compositions tomorrow if you have not done so.