Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday: 26 May 2015


1. If you have not paid for the class tee today, you are reminded to bring $15 to school tomorrow.
2. If you did not bring your signed report books today, please bring it tomorrow for submission.
3. Refer to the Planning Document for Class Outing. Instructions are stated in the document.
4. If you still do not own a copy of the O Level Distinction In English Book, please remember to bring $14.50 (retail: $19.85) tomorrow to purchase it*.
5. Please report to the ISH tomorrow (27/5/2015) for morning assembly.
6. You are reminded to clear your class lockers by Friday.

*The vendor will be at the canteen during your recess.

1. Submit your Chinese files if you have not done so.
2. Complete 惯用语测验七和八.

1. Individual Component for EL PT is due on Friday.

1. Sec 3 AM Alternative Assessment #2
2. A08B, Questions 4 to 6 Page 22

1. Complete the handout on Mole Concept.

1. Complete the Disaster Game Worksheet.

Social Studies
1. There will be a File Check when school reopens.

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