Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wednesday: 8 April 2015


Complete the Flag Day form here:
Flag day is on 9 May 2015 (Sat).
It is compulsory for all Secondary 3 students to attend.

Please complete the form by today.

You are not allowed to make any changes after the form is submitted.
If you do not fill in this form by the deadline stated above, you will be randomly allocated to a shift.


Complete Section 3.1 of Ionic Bonding Notes

Chemistry WorkBook Homework:

1. Worksheet 1 - Kinetic Particle Theory (Pages 1 to 8)
Deadline: 9/4/2015 (Tomorrow)

2. Worksheet 4 - Atomic Structure (Page 23 to 30)
Deadline: 13/4/2015 (Monday)


Complete Workbook Worksheet on Work, Energy and Power Submission on next Monday.


A03E Pg 33 Q2-7

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