Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thursday: 23 April 2015

Please be reminded to complete Parent Survey Form a research team in NTU, conducting a study on Cyber Safety Awareness.
Please return all the 3 documents in the envelope through your child (to the Form Teacher) on either Friday (24 April) or latest by next Monday (27 April).

Friday Afternoon Assembly will take place in Class. FT will be having a class meeting.

Geography - Friday [ 2359 ]

Complete Physics Concepts Worksheet and submit to YunJun latest by Friday.

Fundamentals of Electronics
Web Tutorials T1 - T4
Circuit Simulation 1(A) & 1(B)
On-line Quiz 1(A) & 1(B)

All these assignment are under CA1 for FOE and they weight 15%.

抄写范文-实用文写作 (四)
如果你在这次实用文写作 (三) 不及格,你必须抄写范文。

Complete Matrices Worksheet Q1 - 6.

There will be a Chemistry Lecture on 2013 S3 Chemistry CT Paper + Consultation Session 30/04/15 1400-1700. This session is purely OPTIONAL.

You are strongly advised to complete the paper.
You are not required to do the following questions:
Section A: 17, 18, 19 and 20
Section B: 7, 8, 9
Section C: nil

Complete Part 3: Data Processing with Atomic Structure

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