Thursday, 2 April 2015

Thursday: 2 April 2015


1. Make a copy of the powerpoint slides (4 sets) and save them in your Google Drive Geography folder
2. Look through set 4 Effects of Tectonic Hazards (including earthquakes)
3. Read textbook Page 39-42 on Volcanic Eruptions', Benefits and Hazards.


1. Complete Summary Writing Practice 1
2. English Fun Pack Weekly Fun Pack: Number 5 - The Easter Bunny Edition
3. Write an Argumentative Essay based on the topics given in Writing an Argumentative Essay worksheet.


Complete Writing Chemical Names and Formulae Homework


Complete 实用文写作 (二) ,任选一题,写一张150字以上的作文。


Complete Page 8-10 of Worksheet 6: Work, Energy and Power.

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