Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Wednesday: 11 March 2015

Current Performance Tasks

1. English Vodcast, deadline for script
2. Chinese Lyrics Scripting, due on Friday
3. Physics MouseTrap Assessment, 
4. Chemistry Project Aqua


You are reminded to submit your OBS Forms by 30 March 2015.
Please remember to bring $14.50 tomorrow for the Distinction in English book (retail: $18.10). The vendor will be in the canteen at 1035-1105. Send 1 rep from our class, and 2 other students to help carry the books.


Details to the E-Math Alternative Assessment: http://goo.gl/o7wG4O
Please log in to ACE Learning if you have not done so this year to ensure that you are able to login before you proceed with your AA. If you are unable to access the materials/quizzes in ACE Learning by 12 March 2015, please alert your Math teacher immediately.

Complete Example 6 and 7 of Indices and Surds Worksheet


Prepare your file with all necessary worksheets inside by Wednesday Night..
Remember to bring it on Thursday.
Print out Cooling Curve of Stearic Acid: Kinetic Particle Theory/ Practical
Complete Page 22-24 of Kinetic Particle Theory Worksheet

Social Studies 

Prepare your file for File Check on 13 March, next friday.

Fundamentals of Electronics

Complete Tutorial Four.

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