Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tuesday: 31st April 2015

Important Reminders:

  1. Chemistry PT is due for submission tomorrow (last day)
  2. Physics PT Report Part 3.1 to Part 3.3 is due for submission by this week, date is has not been specified by Mr. Kwek.
  3. House Elections will take place tomorrow morning. Please report to your respective house venues for elections.


Fun Pack Term 2 Week 1 is due today, 2359.


Complete Single Page Handout on Solving Exponential Equations and Solving Equations Involving Surds by Thursday.

Social Studies

Complete the first page of Principles of Governance


Complete last page of Email Handout.

Regarding the Peer Assessment Form for Chinese AA:
1 - 下载同学们作制作的音乐来听 http://goo.gl/dxvlnv
2 - 为各组打分
3 - 回答其余的问题

Fundamentals of Electronics

Complete Quiz 1 if you have not done so.

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