Thursday, 26 March 2015

Thursday: 26 March 2015


1. Friday's Morning Assembly Period
Tomorrow (Friday, 0740-0855), we will be reflecting on how we can build on Mr Lee’s legacy and contribute to our nation.

Please note that we will be missing Sports & Wellness Period. Report to school in uniform.

Please bring along your Learning Devices, as the activities you will be doing in class during the above mentioned time will require use of your LDs.

Please report to the ISH for morning assembly tomorrow, Friday 27 March.

2. OBS Form Submission
If you have yet to submit your OBS Forms, please do so by tomorrow.

3. Email
Please take check your email's spam folder for important emails.


Worksheet 5: Turning Effects of Force is due next Monday


Selected Workbook Questions will be issued by Mr. Ngoei thru email. Submission next Monday
Complete Practical Worksheet. Submission next Monday

Social Studies

Complete Assignment on 'Learning about Good Leadership'. Submission next Tuesday.


Indices Worksheet - Page 28 - 29 Q4, Q5, Q7, Q8, Q9 and Q10,


1 - 下载同学们作制作的音乐来听
2 - 为各组打分
3 - 回答其余的问题

Link to the form is included in your email. 

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