Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday: 9 March 2015

Current Performance Tasks:

1. English Vodcast
2. Chinese Lyrics Scripting
3. Physics MouseTrap Assessment
4. Chemistry Project Aqua

Class Tee Designs


Prepare your file with all necessary worksheets inside by tonight. Remember to bring it tomorrow.
Print out Cooling Curve of Stearic Acid: Kinetic Particle Theory/ Practical
Complete Page 22-24 of Kinetic Particle Theory Worksheet


Complete the following Assignments before 10 March 2015. 
Matrices Assignment E02A - Q5A, Q5C, Q6 
Matrices Assignment EO2B - Q1, Q3, Q5 

Math File Check soon. 


Complete Killer Virus Comprehension 

Fundamentals of Electronics 

You are reminded to bring worksheet on KVL/KCL/Thevenin's Theoreom. 

Social Studies 

Prepare your file for File Check on 13 March, next friday.

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