Friday, 27 March 2015

Group 1(Ryan, Kai Jie, Pat Guan, Darie, Sneha) Discussion 27/3/15

What have you seen, heard and/ or done since the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew?

1. Many articles in the newspaper.
2. Watched video of tribute to Mr Lee in school
3. Queues up to 8hours to pay their final respects to Mr Lee at the Parliament House.
4. Changing of profile picture of many people on social networking sites (facebook, twitter etc.) to a ribbon in respect to Mr Lee.
5. Many people tearing up while talking about Mr Lee's contribution to Singapore

1. Mr Hoe addressed the school.
2. Mr Hoe read out the message from the Minister of Education.
3. Many speeches by other countries to state how they respected Mr Lee.
4. Many people speaking about Mr Lee's contribution to Singapore.
5. Mr Lee's red box which stayed with him to the day he left.

1. 1 minute of silence during flag raising.
2. Infographic about contributions to Mr Lee
3. Visited the near by CC tribute to Mr Lee
4. Visited the Parliament House to pay our final respects to Mr Lee

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