Friday, 13 February 2015

Weekend Homework - 13 February 2015


Notice for LNY Celebration, next Wednesday. 
> You can wear your own clothes if you like. Usual dress code in school applies (i.e. decent) Colour theme: Red
> Decorate our classroom
> Prepare class wife & class collage

Enter your Chemistry PT Groupings in the Google Spreadsheet.
Enter your booking slots for Window 1. 

Chemistry remedial takes place next week on Thursday from 3-4 pm.
Students who scored <12 for the test will have to attend remedial.

Please complete the following questions in the Chemistry Workbook:

Section A 
Pg 11-12: Qns 3-9 
Section B
Pg 12-13 ( Do: Qns 1 Skip: Qns 2 (Put a cross on "2") )
Section C
Pg 14-16 Do: Qns 1, 2a, 2b, 2c & 2e Skip: 2d (Put a cross on "d", "i", "ii")

Deadline: 18/2/2015 (Wed) 1100am


Complete Worksheet 3 of Physics Workbook. (submission on Monday)


1) Complete 4-Diagram on Plate Tectonics for North American and Eurasian Plates. 
2) Submit your answers to the Google Form on Divergent boundaries: 

Chinese Performance Task, First Draft of your lyric by 20 February 2015.
Submission of your final product is due on 13 March 2015. 

1. 回家预习心理描写(已发讲义) 
2. 完成插叙以及心理描写的练习-2015年2月23日(一)呈交 
3. 插叙练习(分组活动)-2015年2月15日(日)23:59要完成

Social Studies
Report to the Earth Science Room for future SS Lessons.
Stay back next Tuesday for extra (30 min) SS Lesson.


Check Mr. Goh's email, title: Weekly Fun Pack: Week 2 - Friday the 13th Edition ^^.

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