Monday, 16 February 2015

Monday: 16 February 2015

Please complete the following questions in the Chemistry Workbook:

Section A 
Pg 11-12: Qns 3-9 
Section B
Pg 12-13 ( Do: Qns 1 Skip: Qns 2 (Put a cross on "2") )
Section C
Pg 14-16 Do: Qns 1, 2a, 2b, 2c & 2e Skip: 2d (Put a cross on "d", "i", "ii")

Deadline: 18/2/2015 (Wed) 1100am

Chinese Performance Task, First Draft of your lyric by 20 February 2015.
Submission of your final product is due on 13 March 2015. 

1. 回家预习心理描写(已发讲义) 
2. 完成插叙以及心理描写的练习-2015年2月23日(一)呈交 
3. 插叙练习(分组活动)-2015年2月15日(日)23:59要完成

Social Studies
Report to the Earth Science Room for future SS Lessons.
Stay back next Tuesday for extra (30 min) SS Lesson.


Access Google Drive for the Following Weekend Assignments.
Weekly Fun Pack:

1 Critical Reading Lesson 19 
2 Critical Reading Lesson 20
3 Editing Test 5
4 Editing Test 6

5 Vocabulary Practices Week 2


Try Question 4 of Math Quiz 1A. Teacher will go through in class tomorrow.


Complete Continental-Continental Divergence Diagram before tomorrow's lesson.

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