Monday, 9 February 2015

9 February 2015


1)  Complete the Following Assignments given out on Friday:

1    Editing Worksheet (Test 3) - 10 mins
2    Reading Comprehension (Lesson 18: Mata Hari- 10 mins
3    Reading Comprehension (Lesson 17: Quiz Show Fix) - 10 mins
4    Connectives Handout (Chapter 19)
5    Vocabulary Handout - 20 mins

2)  Complete and Upload your pair's Argumentative Writing Google Document into the shared Google Drive Folder.

3)  Complete 2 Paragraphs ( Introduction and Supporting Paragraph). Hand up by Tuesday Morning to Gabriel.


1)  Complete Activity 2: Group Task on Page 3 of Practical + Theory Worksheet.
Preferably in your seating groups.

2) In your respective Chemistry AA Groups, prepare 1 1.5L bottle.

1)  Complete the last page of Dynamics Worksheet

2)  Complete Worksheet 3 of Physics Workbook.


1)  Complete 4-Diagram on Plate Tectonics for North American and Eurasian Plates. 

Fundamentals of Electronics

Tutorial 3 is due on 11 February 2015
Please take note that there will be no FOE Lessons on Tuesdays for the following 2 weeks. FOE Lecture on Wednesdays will still continue as per normal.


Submission of first draft your lyric in due before 22 February 2015, Sunday
Enter your groupings for Chinese AA here:

Social Studies

Complete Handout on Social Factors in the Rise of Venice before next SS Lesson.

There will be a Math Quiz on 13 February for 35 minutes.
Complete Questions 2, 4 and 6 of Homework A01C of Polynomials Mathematics Worksheet.

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