Wednesday, 28 January 2015

28 January 2015

Dinesh, remember to submit your Pink Slip to Ms. Lim tomorrow.

Watch the Youtube Video: How the Earth was Made: Iceland. 
You need to watch till the 19min 30 sec mark. 
Access the email sent by Miss Huang last night and complete the given assignment before the next lesson.

Enter the link to your Geography Folder in "S3-02 Geog Learning Teams"
Also remember to upload pictures of your sketches.

Fundamentals of Electronics 
Complete Tutorial Two. Submission is due next Wednesday during Lecture.

Social Studies 
Complete Google Classroom Assignment.

As a headstart, complete Worksheet 2A and Worksheet 2B ( Pages 15-20 ) of Physics Workbook. Y

Complete Assignment A02B, Questions 1 and 3
Complete Assignment A02C, Questions 3, 4, 6 and 11.
Staple the assignments separately. Both assignments are due for submission tomorrow.

1. 词汇测验要考的词汇如下:
繁重、垂涎三尺、迫不及待、牢骚、狼吞虎咽、鄙夷、 提心吊胆、烙印、鞭策、歧途

* 除了周芯妤、蔡佳芝、黄静雯、何俊文、何書賢、王炳耀、许兆辉、张凯杰、 张咏量、陈荣智、沈彦庆、黎永荣外,其余的同学都要写习字。

2. 完成网上的课堂练习

3. 复习第二课《饼干罐的秘密》的词汇

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