Friday, 16 January 2015

16 January 2015


  1. Class Photo Taking will take place on 19 January 2015, at 10:40 am. Please be in your school uniform, note that no school jackets are allowed.
  2. If you need a Sport as NYAA, do attend Basketball Module held in school every Saturday, from 8 - 930.


  1. 完成 中三《词曲创作班》报名表
  2. 完成 关键句练习
  3. 阅读 第三课《黄丝带的故事》以及新闻资料(一)
  4. 词汇测验的词语:  歇息、残障、宾馆、连锁店、通缉、大海捞针、娇小、瞬间、莫名其妙、违法、监控、钦佩、  油然而生、一丝不苟、纠正
Complete Worksheet 1 of Physics Workbook.
Complete the quiz at the back of Unit 1 Worksheet.

Social Studies
Complete page 5 of "Factors Leading to the Rise of Venice" Worksheet.
You only have to complete the page on "Reformed Venetian System of Government"

Complete the last page of Chemistry Practical Worksheet.

Access your email and download today's slide. Assignment is stated on the last slide.
Visit the following website and complete the section on Plate Tectonics, stop at Plate Boundaries.

Furthermore, please accept the Google+ invite that Ms. Huang sent out last week. It will be needed for class discussions in future lessons.

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